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Why Choose Us

Philip Bolton

Delivering dentistry with a difference.

I have always believed that there is a better way to do things and Oak Lodge is the embodiment of my vision of how I want to provide dentistry.

Your dentist should be someone you trust. I believe providing good dentistry is all about building a strong relationship, one constructed on strong foundations of honesty and trust. And, as with all good relationships, I believe it's a two-way street - my dentistry is as much about me getting to know you, as it is you getting to know me.

The practice here in Liphook is reflective of the village in which it sits. It's a place of comfort, of welcoming faces and beautiful, relaxing surroundings. We use the best quality materials, offer modern dental solutions and invest heavily in keeping up with the latest innovations in dentistry.

One of the most important differences our patients will notice is the teamwork at Oak Lodge. Our team members are carefully selected to reflect the practice's values, and they all work diligently to keep our ethos of care and quality at the centre of their work.

Oak Lodge is my legacy, it's a place and a vision I have worked tirelessly on for over 25 years. It is a vision every member of our team shares and one I invite all of our patients to feel a part of.

Dr Philip Bolton