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Our fee guide below is designed to give you an indication of the private fees we charge for our range of treatments. At this point we can only give you an estimated value, as there are so many varying factors that are taken into account with dental treatment.

We recommend you see your dentist to discuss your needs and they will furnish you with a comprehensive Treatment Plan, detailing your required treatment and the costs. 

In addition, we also offer a range of Denplan policies to assist in making top quality dental care as affordable as possible.

Diagnosis & hygiene
Initial Examination £80
Routine Examination £45
Emergency Consultation from £35
Scale and polish (with Dentist) £30
Hygienist service per visit (30 mins) £60
X-ray £16

Amalgam filling from £100
White filling from £130

Tooth whitening
Home whitening kit from £395

Root canal therapy
Incisor / canine £520
Lower premolar £520
Upper premolar £540
Molar £650

Porcelain veneers £640
Porcelain bonded to gold £740
EMAX crown £820
Full gold crown £720
Cast gold post £275
Re-cement crown £80
Routine £100
Surgical from £170
Sedation per hour £300

Full upper or lower £720
Full upper and lower £1100
Partial denture £650
Chrome / cobalt metal £1300
Relining £230
Adjust denture £48
Denture repair £90

Mouth guard from £75
Anti-snoring appliance £760
Bite guard £245

Individual quotation on request from £3950
Bone augmentation from £320

Facial aesthetic treatment
1 Area £220
2 Areas £270
3 Areas £320
Dermal fillers from £200


If you are unable to attend your appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice. A charge will be made for failure to keep an appointment.

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